• Wanderlust – Barcelona


    Barcelona is another fragrance inspired by a European luxury perfumer. This stimulating destination experience combines effervescent lemon zest, orange, and rosemary with heart of sorrel, thyme, and earthy moss. This unique blend is fresh, uplifting, and vibrant! Barcelona is for the free-spirited, trend setter, soul loving, señorita who loves life and empowers others.

  • Wanderlust – Florence


    Welcome to Florence!

    Florence is a destination that’s sure to liberate all of your senses; as it is manufactured in Italy! Let’s begin with a profound blend of fresh and clean citrus and woods, followed by a signature statement of Pink Pepper, Grapefruit, and Cedar. We end our journey on the notes of Sandalwood, Ginger, Citron, and Lemongrass. Florence does not identify with gender; as it’s appealing to the person who appreciates the extraordinary in everyday life; always defying convention, and finding satisfaction in the unexpected.

  • Wanderlust – Las Vegas


    Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas! Also known as The Blue Box Bath Co. Headquarters!

    This beautiful, alluring fragrance is inspired by one of Europe’s most famous British perfumers! Crushed spicy cardamom and honeyed golden mimosas are infused with creamy tonka bean and smooth sandalwood to envelop you in the warmth of the desert; in addition to experiencing the sparkling bright lights and excitement of the city! This fragrance is warm, sexy, passionate, and beautiful. Las Vegas is for the adventurous gal who is in touch with the serenity of nature, but enjoys the hustle and bustle of the city life. #vegasstrong

  • Wanderlust – London


    A splendid and brilliant destination that’s guaranteed to spark your fancy! London is actually inspired by one of its own most popular perfume houses! Enjoy your afternoon Earl Grey while admiring Big Ben and relishing in the magnetic energy of its surroundings. A magical blend of tea, bergamot, fresh cucumber, vanilla, and musk. London is the cool, crisp, refreshing, bee’s knees fragrance; perfect for the sophisticated, refined, well-traveled individual who loves excitement, thrill, and living a full and luxurious lifestyle.

  • Wanderlust – Paris


    Join us as we stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens reveling in the most fragrant breeze of beautiful Damascus rose buds enveloped with mystery and romance. The fresh air and sunshine create an intoxicating bouquet of iris, jasmine, soft woods, and white musk. As we end our evening at the most popular tourist destination, the Eiffel Tower, we are surrounded by an uplifting, youthful blend of sparkling bergamot, orange and apple. Paris is the ultimate Classical Rose for the modern, sophisticated, and romantic mademoiselle!

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